Demetri Broxton received his BFA in Art Practice from UC Berkeley in 2002 with a focus on oil painting. In 2010, he earned a Masters of Arts in Museum Studies from San Francisco State University with an emphasis on Curatorial Studies. 

From 2007 to 2010, Demetri Broxton served as the Education Program Manager at Museum of the African Diaspora. During this period, the museum was going through a major growth period, but lacked a dedicated curator. Broxton was chosen to curate several small exhibitions in the museum’s second floor gallery and two large-scale exhibitions which occupied both the second floor and main, third floor galleries. These exhibitions, Engage Your Heritage and Decoding Identity (co-curator Erica Garber (Agyeman)), put Demetri in direct contact with contemporary artists from all over the country, including Lalla Essaydi, Annette Lawrence, and Wardell Milan. Broxton also connected with several bay area based contemporary artists, such as David Huffman, Stephanie Anne Johnson, and Blue Wade.

In 2010, Broxton assembled Past Forward: African Spirituality in Contemporary Black Art at the Sargent Johnson Gallery in San Francisco. This experience solidified his fervor for curatorial work. In 2014, through a selective RFP process, Broxton was selected as the curator for two City of Berkeley art galleries: Addison Street Windows Gallery and the 1947 Center Street Lobby Gallery.